A Cat Wagging Its Tail Means What?

Sometimes you can find a cat wagging its tail. A cat wagging its tail is also a way of expressing its ideas. What is it that a cat wagging its tail is expressing?

1. Confrontation between Two Cats

If two cats are facing each other and are quietly observing each other’s movements with their ears lowered, their tails will be wagging vigorously from side to side. This indicates that they are in a state of tension or excitement, and a fight is likely to break out at any moment!

cat 1

2. Do not Disturb

When a cat is resting, if the owner must groom it or restrict its freedom, the cat will start to show impatience by shaking its tail rapidly. And when he dozes, he responds to his master’s call with at most a wagging of his tail.


3. Happy Light Swing

Cats are happiest when they sleep in their owners’ arms, and their tails move slowly and widely. Even in sleep, cats occasionally wag their tails. A condition in which a cat rubs at its owner’s feet and holds its tail high when begging for food.


4.  Wiggle Its tail from Side to Side

If the cat’s tail moves from side to side when the owner is petting or teasing the cat, it is a good sign that the cat is starting to feel bad. At this point, it’s best to leave your cat alone!


5. Feel Afraid

When cats and cat leaders or dogs meet, or even get scared, they turn their tails up and tuck them between their legs. Cats also lie down to make their whole body look smaller, as if telling each other: Don’t attack!


Post time: Nov-09-2021