Automatic smart pet feeder prevents food overload »Gadget Flow

When you are not at home, use the automatic smart pet feeder to feed your dog or cat. This pet accessory has an automatic rotating bowl to prevent food overload and food accumulation. It is available in 4 liters of capacity, which is very suitable for small and large pets, while providing meals for at least one day. In addition, it is compatible with dried, air-dried and freeze-dried foods. The lid has a sealing silica gel to keep the food fresh. In addition, set a feeding schedule on this automatic smart pet feeder app or feed your furry friends manually. Most importantly, you can check the feeding data, including time and quantity. So you will know exactly how much your pet ate that day. In fact, the built-in weight sensor can accurately measure meals, which is great if your girlfriend needs to lose weight.

Post time: Nov-03-2021