Do You Know How to Hold A Cat Properly?

For sensitive cats, it’s safe to keep all of their PAWS on the ground and have the ability to move on their own. Being picked up by someone with their PAWS off the ground can make them feel uneasy and fearful. If the cat is not picked up properly, it can not only be scratched/bitten, but also hurt and even leave the impression of being picked up.


  • Choose the right time to hold your cat

Just like coax girls, cats are also very particular about timing. Try to pick up cats when they are relaxed and happy, don’t force a frightened/angry/scared cat. There are body language cues that can tell whether a cat is relaxed or angry.

There are serious consequences if the cat is picked up at the wrong time: a disturbed cat may become more frightened when picked up, engage in biting/kicking acts of resistance, hate being picked up, and may reflexively want to run away the next time you do this.


  • Do not hold the cat in frightening or threatening ways

Many pet lovers like to sneak up on their cats, but cats are most afraid of sudden surprises (such as a viral video showing a cat scared of cucumbers), so it’s not recommended to lift a cat from behind.

We are so big compared to cats that standing can be overwhelming and threatening to them. So when holding a cat, it’s best to squat down and be on the same level as them. Try letting your cat smell your hands or clothes, then lift your head off and slowly pick you up.

For wild cats, normally we do not recommend directly picked up, if it is in need of help the cat can through food enticed into the air box or the cat cage, it needs to be picked up must step by step, slowly close to, don’t let they feel too much pressure, then you can with a thick towel or thick clothes to cover try again picked up after the cat.

How to start cuddling a cat:

Place one hand on the cat’s forelimb, not its belly
Support the cat’s hind leg with your other hand
Hold the cat up to her chest with both hands
Keep one cat’s front paw resting on your arm and its back leg supported by your other hand


Such a cat pose is the most comfortable and safe for cats. It is important to note that some people like to use the cat’s skin in the form of a cat, although it is a way for cats and cats to take a cat, but it is not suitable for a larger adult cat to do so, and it makes them uncomfortable.In the event of an emergency, such as earthquakes, fires, etc., don’t use too much formality, and take up their men and run for it!


Post time: Feb-17-2022