How Do You Bathe Your Cat to Keep it Happy?

A cat can be very gentle at home, but if you take it to the pet store for a bath, it will turn into an anxious and fierce cat, which is completely different from the proud and elegant cat at home. Today, we will talk about those things.

The first is why cats are afraid of bathing, mainly because cats are afraid of water. The ancestors of modern house cat is Africa’s wild cats and Asian wild cats, mainly live in the desert, the gobi desert or grassland environment, which also makes them in addition to water basically not contact water, can also drink don’t drink don’t drink, they prefer from the prey to absorb moisture, modern house cat also keep this habit, so when they enter into the water suddenly very afraid. And cat hair also makes them afraid of water, the cat and the dog’s hair is different, many dogs usually have double hairs, one of the layers have waterproof function, let the dog the child is much easier to float on the surface of the water, more fluffy cat hair, does not have waterproof function, into the water, a long hair will be wet, will increase the risk of drowning, So cats hate getting their hair wet.

In the cat’s eye, you’re not cleaning it up, you’re killing it. They don’t understand why they have to wash themselves with water. Why dip into a pool full of water, which is still steaming and foaming white? In particular, I don’t understand why I have to take a shower and hold a machine that makes a roaring sound and hot air in front of me.

Cats are so powerful at saving themselves that their idea of a bath is to lick their fur. Their tongue have a lot of the barbs, the barbs is not solid, but hollow, it can absorb saliva from the mouth, equivalent to 1/10 of drop of water, the saliva just can infiltrate into hair root, but also the knot of hair method combing open, every time they lick the hair is equivalent to gave her hair a deep clean. A cat is also cleaning its face by licking its PAWS and rubbing them against its face. Under normal circumstances, cats can take a bath half a year, even some cats can not take a bath for life, of course, the cat accidentally dirty hair can be bathed, cats are too obese or have arthritis also need regular bathing. Try to wash the cat at home, and take it to a pet shop to wash it, but also to find a regular pet shop with monitoring. Cats are timid creatures, and when they move to a new place, they can be very sensitive, so giving them a bath can easily cause emergency reactions, even for a professional pet groomer.

How do you bathe a cat at home? The best way to bathe a cat is to play with it for a while, let it burn off some energy, and then trim your nails to prevent scratches. When bathing, place a non-slip mat in the tub or bath to prevent your cat from choking on water stress due to slipping feet. Don’t add too much water in the tub and bath crock, had a cat’s and a half leg is enough, don’t too high, the water temperature is close to the temperature, do not give the cat a bath in the shower, as far as possible with the hand or other containers to cats to drench water, keep dry cat face, ears, eyes, and then to use dedicated pet cat bath dew evenly, and then wash off with warm water, At this time, you can use a wet towel to wipe the cat’s face, and finally use a towel to dry the hair.

If you can do without a hair dryer, do not use it. It is better to let the cat dry in a warm environment. Remember to give the cat a small treat after the bath to keep her in a good mood. If you follow my procedure to the letter, a cat might love a bath.

Post time: Sep-28-2022