How To Choose A Good Smart Pet Water Fountain?

Do you ever notice that your cat doesn’t seem to like drinking water?  That’s because cats’ ancestors came from the deserts of Egypt, so cats are genetically dependent on food for hydration, rather than drinking directly.

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According to science, a cat should drink 40-50ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. If cat drinks too little, the urine will be yellow and the stool will be dry. Seriously it will increase the burden of kidney, kidney stones and so on. (The incidence of kidney stones ranges from 0.8% to 1%).

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So today’s share, mainly talk about how to choose a drink water to make the cat consciously to drink water!

Part 1 Introduction to Pet Water Fountain
Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows how naughty a cat can be when it comes to giving it water. Our carefully prepared purified water, these little ones even did not take a glance. However they like the water of closestool, aquarium unluckily, even the dirty water of floor drain…

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Let’s take a look at the water that cats usually like to drink. What are the common characteristics? Yes, it’s all flowing water.  Cat is curious and can’t give up flowing water.
Then our human ingenuity has solved this problem with the invention of the automatic pet water dispenser
With pumps that mimic the flow of a mountain stream and a “water filtration system,” the automatic dispenser will entice cats to drink.

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Part 2 The Function of Pet Water Fountain
1. Circulation water – in line with the cat’s nature
In fact, in the cat’s cognitive world, flowing water equals clean water.
Water with the help of pumps to achieve circulation flow, because of the contact with more oxygen, so the water is more “alive”, compared to the taste of more sweet.
As a result, most cats have no resistance to this clean and sweet water.

2. Water filtration – more clean sanitation
Cats are actually clean and are very repelled by water that has been placed for a long time.
So when we give it water, it usually starts with a couple of symbolic drinks, and then soon starts to abandon it.
The water dispenser is equipped with a special filter chip, which can also filter some impurities in the water, making the water more clean and hygienic.

3. Large water storage – save time and effort
The cat water dispenser generally has a large amount of water, and when the water in the bowl is drunk by the cat, it will be automatically replenished.
So it’s a lot easier for us, as the cat owners, not to have to think about adding water to the cat’s drinking bowl.

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Part 3 Disadvantages of Pet Water Fountain
1. In order to prevent the scale of the drinking machine from polluting the water source, regular cleaning is needed. But cleaning the water dispenser needs to be disassembled, and the steps are slightly more complicated.
2. Pet water dispensers aren’t necessarily for all cats! Not for all cats! Not for all cats!
If your cat is currently comfortable drinking from a small bowl, you don’t have to spend that much money.
Cats and cats have different personalities and preferences, and there is no need to intervene too much if they can drink by themselves.
3. For a small number of particularly naughty and active cats, they may treat the automatic water dispenser as a toy, leaving “small paw prints” all over the house.

Part 4 The Point of Choose
1 Safety First
The safety of pet water dispenser is mainly reflected in the following points:
(1) Because the cat is naughty, it may occasionally bite the water dispenser, so the material of the water dispenser must be selected as “edible grade”.
(2) The management of power supply must be in place to avoid leakage. After all, water conducts electricity, which is a dangerous thing to do.
(3) When the power is cut off, try to have “power off protection”, will not delay the cat’s normal drinking water.

2 The Storage Water can Be Selected as Required
In general, the size of the water storage choice is mainly related to the number of pets in the home. If you have only one cat, a 2L water dispenser is usually enough.
Do not blindly pursue the large water tank, the cat can not finish drinking also often to change the water.
According to their own needs to choose water storage, more conducive to keep the water fresh.

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3 The Filtration System should be Practical
Although we initially provide our cats with pure water, naughty cats may play with the water with their PAWS first.
Therefore, the water dispenser should have a strong filtration system to effectively filter out impurities such as dust and pet hair. In this way, the cat can drink clean water to protect the stomach.

4 Disassembly and Cleaning should be Convenient
Because when we use the pet water dispenser, it is necessary to wash it frequently to prevent the accumulation of impurities such as scale.
It is generally recommended that the water dispenser should be fully cleaned at least once a week, so the choice of easy disassembly and cleaning of the water dispenser can make us more worry.

5 The Maintenance of Water Fountain should Be Easy
For smart pet water fountain, filter elements and so on are easy consumables, which need to be replaced frequently.
Therefore, in order to facilitate our long-term use, in the purchase of the time to choose the later maintenance of the water cooler is more worry.
Our OWON pet water fountain can do all of these, making your cat’s drinking problem easy!

Part 5 Precations for Use
1 Keep Running with Water.
Normally, the water dispenser should be filled every 2-3 days. Water tank should be added in time, dry burning is not only easy to damage the pump, but also a potential danger to the cat.

2 Clean Regularly
As the use of time is longer, in the inner wall of the drinking machine is very easy to leave scale and other impurities, easy to dirty water.
Therefore, it is generally recommended to clean the water cooler at least once a week.
Especially in the summer, it should be 2-3 days to clean the inside of the fuselage and the filter element, to keep the water clean.

3 The Filter Element should be Replaced in Time.
The vast majority of pet water dispensers are using the filter mode of activated carbon + filter element. Because activated carbon only physical adsorption of impurities, but does not have the role of sterilization.
If used for a long time, the filter is also easy to breed bacteria, and the filtration effect will decrease. So in order to keep the water clean, it is necessary to replace the filter every few months.
The above is to share today, if you have any questions, please find me by email

Post time: Aug-16-2021