How to Improve Your Cats’ Life Quality?

To make a pet of a high quality life, you are sure to understand your pet’s quality of life, but you can’t directly ask their feelings, but by observing the behavior of your pet, you can still know they open not happy today, such as appetite is exuberant, is very active, and have a play to favorite toys.

There are four aspects that  pet lovers need to be aware of:

First, comfortable environment

1. While cats have a good handle and are easy to “masturbate”, shedding has also become a big problem for owners. Soft animal hair can fall around the house as pets move, making it difficult to remove, and clinging to clothing is even more difficult to remove.

So you need the vacuum cleaner with strong ability of removing hair, the washing machine that can wash the hair on clothings to wait for home appliance.

2. Odor is also a common problem for all pets. Cats smell bad when they eat or excrete at home. Open a window to ventilate at ordinary times may be ok, but arrived in winter, air temperature is extremely low, open a window to ventilate this kind of scattered flavor method is obviously impracticable.

So you need a fresh air system that can circulate and change the air in the room, or an air purifier with deodorant function, which is also a good choice for removing odors.


Two, reasonable diet

1. Cats’ aversion to drinking water is one of the most well-known and vexing habits for most owners, as drinking too little water can lead to a variety of fatal kidney diseases. Cats, on the other hand, have high water quality requirements, and running water increases the frequency and frequency with which they drink.

So you need to buy automatic water fountains to entice cats to drink more water. Cats like to drink running, tasteless water.

2. Because cats are purely carnivores. Good cat food can perfectly meet the nutritional requirements of the cat body, feeding is convenient, but the bad cat food is more and more sick, so the shovel-poop officer needs to buy good cat food, a few yuan a catty cat food, basically can not meet the minimum standard of cat food 50% meat content.

And raw meat is the best source of animal protein and fat, as well as hydration, perfect for cat nature. The downside is susceptibility to parasites.

Therefore, the best way for cats to eat is cat food + homemade cat food, so that cats will be healthier.


Three, regular physical examination, regular immunization and deinsectization measures

It is very necessary for cats to have regular physical examination, which is the same as human physical examination. They should check their physical status regularly. If any problems are found, they can be dealt with in advance to avoid bigger problems. There is no hard and fast requirement for cat physical examination. Young cats with weak immunity can have a physical examination every year, while adult cats with full physical development and strong physical quality can have a physical examination every two years or so.


Immunization and deworming measures are essential, the body deworming generally needs to be done once in 2 weeks, 3-4 times can be done, adults generally do once in 3 months, eat raw meat once a month.

In vitro insect repellent is purify commonly flea, lice and so on, general 3 months is enough.

Cat 3 couplet, below the circumstance that financial resources allows, can begin from the second year, do antibody examination to the cat every year, and the valid period of validity that wild dog vaccine country sets to inject wild dog has a year only, also a year so.


Four, know when to accompany your pet

Cats need human companionship to become more intimate, and cats only need 20-30 minutes of play time per day. So you need to play with your cat every day. Playing with cats can help them get a much-needed workout, and it can also help cats reduce the drive of prey.


These seem simple, but it is not easy to do!

To do this, the pooper should always pay attention to the health, habits and preferences of pets, so as to provide food that is really suitable for them. Expensive does not mean suitable for them. Regular immunization, deworming, sterilization and physical check-ups cost time and money. Only with a sense of responsibility and regard pets as family members can they be found and cared for in a timely manner when they are sick. Pets are happy if they are loving and willing to sacrifice their own personal time for companionship and care.

Post time: Jan-27-2022