How to Solve the Problem of Dog Tears?

Dog tear stains are a common problem, and one that can be a big problem for dog shovelers. Because of the existence of tears, dogs with two dark marks under the eyes, the original clean and beautiful dog was forced to reduce their appearance level, affect the appearance, serious will threaten the dog’s health problems, more difficult.

  • Why do dogs have tears?

1. The Diet

Diet is the most common cause of tear marks in dogs. Overly salty, unhealthy dog food or other foods are not suitable for dogs, so dogs are prone to tear marks.

2. The Hair

The dog’s eyes around the hair is too long, easy to enter the eye to stimulate the dog’s tears, and too much tear secretion can not be excluded from the lacrimal gland, can only flow out of the corner of the eye, over time, the formation of tears.

3. The Disease

Causes of disease problems. Such as lacrimal gland inflammation, nasolacrimal duct blockage, ear infection, eye diseases, directly affect the discharge of tear or stimulate the excessive secretion of tear.

4. Genetic Inheritance

Congenital genetic or congenital defects can also lead to tear marks, such as large lacrimal glands, sensitive lacrimal glands, thin nasolacrimal ducts, etc. There are some specific dog breeds short nose dogs, such as Xi Shi, Yorkshire, Law dou, etc., because the lacrimal nasal tube is too curved, the speed and amount of tear discharge is limited, it is easy to cause the tear mark problem.

  • The solution to the dog tear¬†

1. Change Foods

Replace high-quality dog food or homemade food. For dogs with food tears, choose high-quality, healthier food. If you have the time and energy, try making fresh food for your dog yourself.

2. Keep Clean

Maintain hygiene around the eyes by regularly wiping the dog’s eyes and trimming the overgrown hair around the eyes. When trimming, run a comb through the hair and be careful not to let it get into your dog’s eyes as you cut it short. Wipe your eyes gently with cotton or dog tear wipes. Do not use too much force!

3. Use Health Supplements

Treat your dog to tearmark supplements, such as Bilberry powder from Vison Gold, which can help reduce tear marks and reduce the growth of bacteria in the eyes, soothing the eye and improving the health of your dog’s eyes.

4. Hospital Examination

If the cause of disease problems and birth defects, should first go to the hospital to do a formal examination or consult a doctor, take scientific and effective treatment.

As long as you master the right method, the problem of tear marks is not so difficult to solve. The health of dogs can not be separated from the careful observation and care of each excrement manager.


Post time: Mar-29-2022