Is it better to feed your cat fur cream or catgrass?

Cats lick their fur by nature, and they spend their whole lives licking it. The dense barbs on their tongues pull hair into their intestines and intestines, which accumulate over time into a ball of fur. Normally, cats can vomit or expel hair pills on their own, but if they can’t properly expel hair pills, it can lead to hairball disorder.

Therefore, cats living indoors for a long time must timely feed catgrassor hair cream. Then, which way is the most reliable and helpful for cats to spit the bulbs? Let’s see which one is better?



What is laxatone? This is literally the mysterious removal of the fur that the cat eats in order to reduce the behavior of throwing up fur balls. But in fact, in essence, it is actually a lubricant, the main role is to lubricate the intestines and stomach, so that the hair ball with the excretion of the body.


Almost all cats eat it, so there’s no palatability. And high-quality hair cream contains in addition to hair components, but also contains a lot of nutrients, can help the cat hair when the supplement part of nutrition.


There are good and bad quality hair creams on the market. Some hair creams add mineral oil and ingredients in pursuit of effect. Long-term intake will affect the health of cats. And some careless masters will often forget to feed masters, masters can not eat themselves. Once too much hair forms a knot it is difficult to expel.



Catgrass can be wheat, barley, oats, or just plain grass on the lawn outside. The smell of grass incense, all cats love to eat grass collectively referred to as cat grass. Just with the way of changing hair cream is not quite the same, eat catgrass, generally by spitting out the way of hair ball.



Catgrass can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis by letting cats take in a large amount of fiber to help the hair ball out of the body. Eating catgrass is non-toxic and rich in fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis of cats and help cats to spout the hair that is formed in the stomach. Compared with chemical hair cream, there are not so many additives, and it is more clean and hygienic.


Not all cats love to eat catgrass. Some cats are just born with a bad taste for it. If this happens, then catweed will not work as a cat to get rid of the hair balls. And often eat cat grass will lead to the cat’s reflex vomiting, easy to cause anorexia cats, regular vomiting, at the same time, vomiting stomach acid will damage the cat’s esophagus, thus affecting the cat’s health.


There is no conflict between hair cream and catgrass. Eating catgrass can effectively prevent hair bulbs and supplement cellulose. Keep a hair cream handy as a preventative measure. Can be based on the cat’s preferences to eat it or cat grass, cat grass did not grow out can eat hair cream to improve trichoderma. Catnip also adds a touch of greenery to the interior.

Post time: Jan-20-2022