Pet Health — Diet

The healthy growth of pets includes many aspects.

Among them, diet is undoubtedly the most important.

In recent years, under the guidance of people working in the pet industry, many pooper owners have chosen to buy finished dog and cat food for feeding, but many still choose to make artificial food.

Next, Mu Jianchen for you shovel poop officials to remind the cat dog pet diet need to pay attention to it!

One-Cat Diet

Most families will prepare steamed buns with chicken liver and rice with fish soup for cats, but they ignore the special physiological characteristics of cats. The food provided to cats often contains too much calories and is difficult to balance the nutrition.

This leads to stunted growth and even symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and obesity.

Therefore, the pet cat feeding, some food needs to be carefully fed.

1. Milk

Cats get all the water they need from milk, as well as some of their calories from carbohydrates. But cats can’t sustain their growth and development with milk because adult cats don’t have the enzyme lactase, so they can’t absorb the lactose in milk.

This can lead to soft bowel movements or dysentery.

2. Raw fish

Certain raw fish contain enzymes that destroy vitamin B1, leaving the body deficient, which can lead to seizures, heart attacks, indirect shock and other conditions in cats.

But this enzyme can be destroyed by heat, so try not to feed your cat raw fish.

3. Liver and carrots

In cat breeding, the normal Ca/P ratio is approximately 1:1. But the liver is less calcium and more phosphorus, cats eat liver for a long time, will lead to their own calcium deficiency, causing rickets and osteomalacia.

Severe cases can even cause coagulation dysfunction, resulting in acute bleeding.

In addition, liver contains A lot of vitamin A, and carrots also contain carotene, which breaks down into vitamin A molecules. If you feed your cat these two foods together for A long time, your cat will have too much vitamin A, which can lead to accumulated poisoning, muscle stiffness, neck pain, joint deformation, tooth loss and other diseases.

TWO-Dog Diet

Cats and dogs have different requirements for major nutrients, and the nutrients in dog food are not enough to meet the needs of cats.

Cats must get adequate amounts of protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, taurine and eicosaptetraenoic acid from their diet. Taurine deficiency can cause neurological defects, stunted growth, blindness, deafness and other diseases.

Here are a few more things that dogs need to be careful about feeding.

1. Pointy bones

We take it for granted that dogs like to chew on bones, and poop pickers often feed leftover bones to waiting dogs at their feet.

But one thing they must be careful not to do is feed their dogs sharp bones, such as fish bones.

Ingestion of the bone with sharp corners or edges can cause damage to the lining of your dog’s stomach, which can lead to acute stomach ulcers.

Sudden onset of acute symptoms such as vomiting, not eating, abdominal pain and delayed treatment will develop into chronic gastric ulcer, manifested as occasional vomiting and mostly in the early morning fasting time, appetite is good and bad, the disease is easy to worsen, and not easy to be completely cured.

When dogs eat a lot of bones at once, it may also cause difficulty defecating.

2. Chocolate and high-sugar foods

Many pooches are pampered with sweets and even chocolate.

This is not a good thing for dogs.

High sugar, high fat food is easy to make dogs fat, which will lead to a series of obesity-induced diseases, such as fatty liver, diabetes, high blood fat and so on.

This can damage your dog’s locomotion, circulation and other systems, and can be life-threatening in later life.

Chocolate contains substances like caffeine, theobromine, which bind to certain receptors on the surface of cells, preventing the animals’ natural substances from binding to the receptors.

Small amounts of caffeine and theobromine can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. If you take too much, muscle cramps and even shock can occur.

3. Seafood

When it comes to allergenic products like seafood, the differences between dogs are even greater.

However, generally speaking, because seafood food contains more histamine, it is easy to cause allergies, and its symptoms vary in severity, including redness and swelling around the mouth, irritability, or systemic itching, allergic papules on the skin, and allergic diarrhea.

These require careful observation by the owner to identify which foods the dog is allergic to.

In pet diet, in addition to eating should pay attention to the tableware can not be ignored.

Nowadays, many families will be specially for pets to buy tableware, will consider whether it is beneficial to the health of the pets, Mu Jianchen for you shovel poop official to introduce the choice of tableware and hygiene.

Today, the most popular pet dinnerware materials are plastic, stainless steel and China.

Among them, the plastic basin is very light, soft, and relatively cheap, which is the biggest advantage of cooked plastic basin, but this basin is not suitable for pets like to bite, bitten pieces will be swallowed by pets, which has an impact on the health of pets.

Stainless steel is the first choice for veterinarians because stainless steel is the healthiest choice for pets, they are heat resistant, sanitary, rust resistant, corrosion resistant and have a long service life.

If exposed to hot food, toxic substances in the clinker may break down in the heat and be consumed by pets along with the food. But stainless steel doesn’t have to worry about that.

In addition, the stainless steel will not be corroded if the owner is busy with other things and fails to clean up the pet’s leftover food.

Ceramic texture is relatively heavy, can avoid pets when eating utensils slide around, more suitable for moving pets. Ceramic has durability, and if some beautiful design is added, it will become the fashion pursued by young people. However, one disadvantage of porcelain itself is that it is fragile, so it is not very popular in the market.

Choose a suitable pet tableware for their children to use, but also must develop good hygiene.

Cleaning and disinfecting tableware should be carried out after each meal to prevent the tableware that is not cleaned for a long time from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, and to maximize the protection of the health and safety of their children


Post time: Nov-23-2022