Pet Lovers Note| 16 Experience in Having A Dog

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Before having your dog, you maybe worries about what should I prepare for it? How can I feed it better? And many other concerns. So, let me give you some advices.

1. Age: the best choice to buy puppies two months just weaned dog, at this time the body organs and other functions have been basically perfect, the first appearance is also shown, and do not need to be feeded by the dog mother.

2. Vaccine: puppy needs inject 3 needle infect vaccine and a needle rabies vaccine, interval time of inject vaccine for the first time is shorter, it is about 20 days control a needle, infect vaccine and 3 years of a needle rabies vaccine namely later.

3. Deworming: to the appropriate age stage of the dog needs to do body deworming, deworming is divided into body deworming and in vitro deworming. In vivo insect repellent mainly prevents gastrointestinal parasites, in vitro insect repellent to prevent boarding in the fur inside the insect.

4. Goat’s milk: Unlike cow’s milk, which tends to be lactose intolerant, sheep’s milk is closer to mother’s milk, which can help replenish calcium and nutrients.

5. Excretion: normal stool is strip soft and hard moderate, urine yellowish, and the male dog needs to grow up to learn to urinate.

6.Bathing: Dogs that have not been vaccinated or that have been vaccinated for a week should not be washed, so they are less resistant. Later bath temperature should be controlled at 36 degrees to 40 degrees, not too cold and overheating.

7. Training: Puppies can do some basic excretion point training, when they want to excretion hold to the designated position, back and forth a few times the dog will learn to point.

8. Teeth: The puppy’s teeth are still very small and will undergo a tooth replacement during growth. Deciduous teeth falling out is a normal phenomenon, but if there is a double row of teeth without falling out, attention should be paid to the problem of tooth growth in time.

9. Temperature: more than 26 degrees of air conditioning in summer is appropriate, keep the indoor temperature not less than 20 degrees in winter, the dog just got home to pay attention to warm, this time the resistance is very easy to catch a cold.

10. Environment: the environment needs to be kept clean and dry, avoid humidity, dog kennel in time to bask in the sun disinfection and sterilization, otherwise easy to lead to dog skin disease.

11. Depilation: Some long-haired dogs will experience a lot of depilation, which is very sparse and can also appear monkey face, but this is normal, later will gradually grow thick

12. Feeding: three months ago because the puppy gastrointestinal absorption is weak, teeth chewing power is not strong, so the dog food needs to be soft with hot water can be eaten; After three months, it can be switched to dry food to help your dog grind its teeth.

13. Go outdoors: It’s best to stay indoors until your dog is fully immunized to avoid exposure to germs that could lead to infection.

14. Supplementary food: you can make some vegetables and fruits for dogs to eat, to help supplement nutrition, but the puppy period pay attention to mashed into mud, adult dogs pay attention to the right amount.

15. Intestines and stomach: the dog just got home may have diarrhea and vomiting because of the environment is not adapted to, you can properly feed some probiotics for gastrointestinal conditioning, can help regulate the intestinal flora to relieve the vomiting and diarrhea problems of puppies.

But if the degree of serious may also be suffering from parvovirus, canine distemper and other diseases, need timely medical treatment.

16. Feeding: Feeding time should be fixed and fixed, not random. The main food should be dog food, supplemented by vegetables and fruits.

If these two aspects do not do a good job will lead to the dog is prone to wasting not long, slow growth and other problems.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the selection of a high-quality nutritional dog food. It can help your dog replenish all kinds of nutrients needed during the growth process to promote growth and build a strong body


Post time: Dec-23-2021