Pet lovers Notes| Tips to beat heat

Summer brings torrential rain and scorching heat

Let’s turn on an air conditioner to cool down


It’s too cold for PETs!

So how to help them safely and comfortably escape this high temperature?
Today let’s Get  the guide


1. Don’t leave your pet alone in a car!

The most important thing! I repeat: Never leave your pet alone in a car! In summer high temperature! The car space because of direct sunlight, the temperature is rising, and easy to lead to the accident of suffocation of pet. What’s more, the sun contains ultraviolet light, illuminate the interior material of the car, may emit some harmful substances of formaldehyde, great harm to children! So be sure to remember, never let a pet alone in the car.

2. Avoid walking your dog in high temperatures!

Touch the ground to feel the temperature before you walk your dog. If you feel burning, you should not take your pet outside. Avoid the midday and afternoon heat. In summer, the best time to walk your dog is in the early morning and late afternoon. When the temperature drops, it’s better to take your baby outside.

3. Take along cups and drinking water!

When you take your pet out in the summer, make sure you have a traveling mug with plenty of clean drinking water. Especially large dogs, need to add more water to assist heat dissipation, pay attention to a few times to add water, if not timely supplement, it is easy to lead to heat stroke in dogs. But do not let the pet drink too much at once, easy to bloat.

4. Make proper arrangements for pet travel!

It is not recommended to take children out at noon and afternoon in high temperature. When you need to take children out in the morning and evening, you should choose a spacious and breathable cat bag, aviation case or pet cart, rather than a completely closed cat bag. When going out, you should always pay attention to the state of children and choose a reasonable way and time of travel.



1. The temperature of the air conditioner should be moderate!

It is more appropriate to keep the indoor temperature at 22~28℃ in a cat family. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The indoor and outdoor temperature can not be too different.

Compared with cats, dogs are more afraid of heat. It is appropriate to maintain the room temperature between 22 and 27℃, and pay attention to not letting children blow against the air outlet.


2. Get a cool mat

Also can choose a cool and refreshing mat to pets, put it in the ventilated and shady place that avoids direct sunlight. Keep the room regularly ventilated, but also prepare a small fan without leaves, can also let children feel cool experience.

3. Groom your pets regularly

Licking each other fluffs the coat, allowing water to evaporate on the body to dissipate heat. So pet lovers should comb the hair of love pet frequently, to help them cooling.


4. Don’t completely shave

Seeing a thick coat of hair on your pet seems to be out of place in the summer. Many poop managers shave their pets in the summer, but in fact, pet hair is insulating.

Especially hot words can be appropriately cut short coat, help body surface air circulation. But absolutely can’t shave off, if there is no hair protection, pets are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes, the skin disease will also become a big summer trouble.

5. Prepare enough drinking water at home and wash the birdbath frequently

Also have plenty of clean drinking water at home. It is recommended to replace your cat’s water basin every day. In hot weather, water is also prone to contamination and needs to be replaced frequently. If you are using OWON’s water fountain, you can wash and replace it every 1-2 days.


6. Keep food sealed and throw away leftovers

Summer food is easy to spoil, pet food should pay attention to sealed preservation! In addition, the daily feeding of this season should pay special attention to, it is not recommended that pet lovers put too much pet food in the bowl at one time, feeding fresh food and canned snacks, if not finished, should be thrown away in time, to prevent food spoilage leading to gastrointestinal discomfort of pets.


You can prepare an samrt pet feeder, which can be fed remotely by mobile phone, or set a fixed time and quantitative feeding every day. OWON’s smart pet feeder 2000 series pet feeder designed sealed storage mode, equivalent to sealed grain storage bucket, but also placed silica gel particles desiccant, absorb moisture in the air and prevent oxidation. Pet lovers who have been using the samrt feeders remember to put desiccant and regular replacement!

7. Washing your pet often is not recommended

Wouldn’t it be cool to give your pet a bath every day on such a hot day? In fact, it is easy to destroy the ph of pet skin and normal oil secretion, but it is easier to catch cold and get sick, and bathing is not a necessary way to dissipate heat.


Post time: Dec-15-2021