3L/5L Wi-Fi Smart Pet Feeder SPF 2300-TY

Product Feature:

1.Anti-Jam design: To prevent nuisance stuck food when feeding to ensure accurate feeding, providing nutritional balance for your pet.

2.Enhanced food preservation: The sealed top cover, fresh dry compartment and closed food outlet help preserve the freshness of the food for your pet.

3.Anti-spill design: The lid of the feeder is held on securely with 2 buckles to ensure no food is spilled in the event it is knocked over.

4.Dual power supply capability: Using batteries and a power adapter allows continuous feeding in the event of a power outage or network failure.

5.Voice recording and playback: Allows the feeder to use your voice at mealtimes to create a string bond and set good eating habits.

6.Accurate feeding: Up to 6 feeds per day and up to 50 portions per feed can be selected.

7.Easy to clean: Easy to remove parts allow simple cleaning to ensure your pet stays healthy.

8.Lock Button: To prevent misoperation.

  • Model: SPF 2300-TY
  • Demension: 337x179x290mm
  • Capacity: 3/5L
  • Port: Zhangzhou,Xiamen
  • Payment: T/T
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